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1) Name the Holy Book of Christians ?

A. Bhagwat Gita

B. Bible

C. Guru granth Sahib

D. Quran

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2) What is the full form of AC in terms of electricity ?

A. Alternate Cooling

B. Air Cooling

C. Air Conditioning

D. Alternate Conditioning

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3) If the diameter of a circle is 7 cm , then what will be its radius ?

A. 7cm

B. 14 cm

C. 3.5cm

D. 3.25cm

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4) When did Vasco -da-Gama found a new sea route to India ?

A. 1598

B. 1428

C. 1498

D. 1528

5) Which city in India is known as ' Electronic City Of India'

A. Delhi


C. Mumbai

D. Bangalore

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6) The Ajanta Caves are situated in ?

A. Bihar

B. Maharashtra

C. West Bengal

D. Karnataka

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7) Which city is popularly known as 'Garden City of India' ?

A. Dehradun

B. Kolkata

C. Bangalore

D. Simla

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8) Children Day is celebrated on which Day ?

A. October,2nd

B. November,14th

C. January, 26th

D. August, 15 th

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9) Ajanta -Ellora caves are situated near ?

A. Aurangabad

B. Mumbai

C. Jodhpur

D. Panipat

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10) Which day is observed as ' World Food Day'

A. October,8 th

B. October, 16th

C. October, 12th 

D. October,26 th

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11) The Highest rank in Indian Army is of ?

A. Army Officer

B. General

C. Brigadier

D. Major General

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12) India became a member of the United Nations in ?

A. 1940

B. 1945

C. 1955

D. 1965

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13) Noble prize is awarded for which of the following discipline?

A. Economics & Peace

B. Physics ,Chemistry & Medicine

C. Literature and Physiology

D. All of the Above


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14) The ' White Flag' signifies ...

A. Danger

B. Protest 

C. Protest

D. Truce

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15) The Army headquarter is situated at ?

A. New Delhi

B. Chandigarh

C. Mumbai

D. Pune

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16) India has largest deposits of which mineral in the world ?

A. Mica

B. Copper

C. Gold 

D. Diamond

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17) The 'Black Flag' signifies ..

A. Danger

B. Protest

C. Revolution

D. Truce

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18) Which is the largest city in India ?

A. Mumbai

B. Bangalore

C. New Delhi 

D. Hyderabad

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19) Which state in India has 100 % literacy ?

A. Bangalore

B. Kerala

C. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

D. New Delhi

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20) Headquarter of United Nation Organisations (UNO) is based at ?

A. New York ,USA

B. Las Vegas,USA

C. Geneva

D. London

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21) Who among the following sleeps while standing up ?

A. Horse 

B. Lion

C. Ostrich

D. Girrafe

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