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about Picnic

HI FRIENDS ,when I went to Rajasthan first I went to a famous temple called the RAI MATA MANDIR their I spent a few days and went to my own haveli known as Ram Chandra Singhania's haveli. it's situated in GANGIYASAR It is a fith floor haveli having 360 windows and doors . Not a single one is like that. After their I went to Fatehpur Kuldevi Mata Mandir.Then I went to mandawa palace it had royal and grand settings and visiting places their. I spent a few hours their and came to the Jaipur city. Their I stayed in the hotel at night and went to the Hawa Mahal. Their I saw the inside and clicked many images in posing figures . Then I went to Jal Mahal which was situated in and under water . Above it shows 2 floors and under water their are also 2 floors . While going back , I saw many palaces situated on height in mountains . It was really an *ENJOYABLE* vacation

How to enjoy

Take the fun of every place you visit ! !!!!!!!!!!!!! ..............

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